Our space reveals who we are.
Our house speaks of us, our personality, our lifestyle, everything we like.
Corian® can help your home express all of this. Because Corian® is the ideal material to shape your most personal projects.
Corian® is an exclusive material intended for solid surfaces.
Through a high-tech process, Corian® combines natural materials, pigments and pure acrylic polymers.
Since its inception Corian® has not stopped evolving. Its quality and personality are now appreciated and recognized worldwide, both indoors and outdoors, public or private.
Corian® is colorful, stylish, versatile, tough, creative, unique and inimitable.


Corian® offers you a wide palette with more than 100 colors. Always evolving, every year new shades are designed, compatible with fabrics, finishes or other materials.
Corian® adapts with harmony to the world around you.
Corian® washbasins and sinks offer you a wide range of colors and shapes and subtly integrate into Corian® worktops forming a whole, with no joints or edges, places where dust and dirt can easily become entangled.
Versatile and versatile
Corian® adapts to the most varied shapes. It can be carved, cut, polished, molded, embedded or glued.
Translucent material, allows to create varied lighting effects.
Versatile and versatile, Corian® shapes your imagination.
Resistant and consistent
Corian® offers a unique resistance to stains or stains. Its compact, pore-free surface prevents liquids, grease and other dirt from entering.
Designed to last
Corian® is designed to live with you on a daily basis.
It cleans easily, resists stains and weather and can even be renewed.
Corian® has a 10-year limited warranty per product. If your installation is carried out by a certified company, such as DaniPint, this 10-year warranty covers the entire installation.

Through a high-tech process, Corian® combines natural materials, pigments and pure acrylic polymers.
The result is a solid material, sturdy, easy to clean and simple maintenance, and designed to make your life easier. Corian® does not keep itself clean, but minimal maintenance is sufficient for Corian® to keep its appearance fresh and clean.
Corian® is non-porous, resistant to stains and stains, and can be renewed.
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